Steph MacLeod

Steph Macleod is a singer-songwriter and worship leader based in Scotland, UK. His critically acclaimed debut album ‘Light In The Darkest Of Nights’ was released in 2010, and in 2018 Steph released his 3rd studio album ‘Gold'.  “I have a passion for God and for people. It’s my hope that the songs I write will bring them closer together.”

Steph shares the hope he found in Jesus Christ through word and song all over the world and draws inspiration from his lived experiences and freedom from homelessness and addiction. He is committed to sharing the Gospel and the power of God’s saving grace.

Steph’s music has featured regularly on BBC Radio 2, Songs of Praise, UCB, and he performs and leads worship regularly both solo and with Celtic Worship. He also has a passion for mentoring the next generation of young Christian musicians and is an activist for mental health awareness and recovery.

On Friday night, Steph will lead the praise and worship, and share about his own story of faith in Jesus Christ.

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